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We had a set of twins.

Molly gave birth to seven little Cavapoo puppies Friday the 14th of September. I was with her all day monitoring the birthing. Molly does very well with birthing and doesn't need help. But one time I went in I realized two puppies were being born at the same time. I did clear the face of one of the puppies while she cleaned the other puppy. A few minutes later she delivered one placenta. They were twins.

All seven are doing very well as you can tell she is very happy. Molly loves being a mom. We love the puppies and make sure every one of them is held every day.

We are expecting for the first time a second liter of Cavalier spaniel puppies from Sophia in three weeks. This is going to be an exciting fall.

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Puppies are almost four weeks old.

This is when the fun begins, they are starting to play with each other. We will start giving them food, they are going for first shots and health checks. I just posted their first individual pictures.


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