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Meet the Parents: Sophia and Zavier3

This is Sophia's first litter. 
She is a Tri-colored 
AKC registered
King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.
Zavier, (Dad), is a small, Ruby 

AKC registered
King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.




Sophia gave birth March 9th 2023

Last Puppy!

Sale Pending

Skippy at nine weeks (Boy)

Liberty at seven weeks (Girl) 

Sally 3 weeks.jpg


Liberty at seven weeks (Girl)


Sally at three weeks (Girl)

Sophia gave birth March 9th, 2023. She is a very protective mother. All three of her beautiful babies are AKC Registered Ruby King Charles Cavalier Spaniels with white markings. 
Sophia is a real sweetheart, she loves to sit in the evenings and watch TV with us. Often she reacts to the program. 
One of our little girls is sold. We have only a boy and one girl left.
St Charles Cavaliers are known for their sweetness. They were bred to sit on your lap and be your companion, they usually get along well with other animals and love everyone, young and old. 
As a breed, they are very smart and want to please you. These traits make them easy to train.

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